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Fundraising Activities Information

posted Jul 2, 2013, 10:08 AM by Brett Saucier   [ updated Jul 22, 2013, 9:45 AM ]
Date:        July 5, 2013
To:             2013-2014 Noble-Wells Ice Hockey Parents and Players:
Subject:   2013-2014 Fundraising Activities
In an effort to keep tuition for players to a minimum, we will once again be having fundraising opportunities to cover program costs. Several parents provided excellent feedback on the fundraising activities of this past season. We will be able to minimize the number of fund raising activities and meet our financial obligations if we have maximum participation.  For the upcoming season, we are planning on the following fund raising activities:
The Program Ad sales campaign will be returning again this season. The campaign will remain the same, we plan to distribute the Program Ad sales campaign materials in JULY. This will maximize the time players/parents have to solicit potential buyers, as well as avoid other school and sports activities during the school year. Each player will receive a packet in the mail with all the necessary materials. We will be collecting the Program Ad sales at the initial parent/player meeting in the fall.  Last season we asked each player to sell $350 of ads, and this season we will ask the same. We also offered the opportunity for parents/players to raise more than $350 and apply the surplus to their tuition bill; we will do the same again this season.  However, if unable to sell the minimum $350, we asked the parents to cover the balance between what is sold for ads and $350 as an addition to a player’s tuition.
Due to the lack of participation, we will NOT be returning to New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. Last summer we raised a significant amount for the program. This summer we would like to return with much larger numbers to take advantage of potential bonuses. Unfortunately, this will add $150 to a player’s tuition.
We are expecting to have some local business involvement and support via hosting events:
  • Last year, Robert’s Maine Grill in Kittery hosted an evening dinner for us, and they plan to do the same again this fall/winter.  Every Tuesday night, Robert's offers a "Community Supper."  This $14, three course, menu is Robert’s way of giving guests a break in the middle of the week with an inspired, affordable meal. The menus are in the spirit of Robert's style: Maine comfort food with an updated twist. To add to the community spirit of the meal, each Tuesday Robert’s donates a portion of the proceeds from the supper to a local nonprofit.  All one has to do is attend dinner the evening of the sponsor to get a portion of their bill donated to the team.  So make plans and bring friends! 
  • Ruby Tuesday’s in Portsmouth, managed by “Big Dean” Pratt, has offered to host something similar for us this upcoming year. 
  • These dates will be announced during the season.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of your booster members; Marlene, Barb, Donnie or Blake.
Noble-Wells Ice Hockey Boosters